Reset trailer showcases unique gameplay, thick atmosphere

Remember Reset, the moody, first-person puzzler being developed by a couple of ex-FutureMark devs? The game's stunning debut trailer highlighted beautiful environments, teased an intriguing story, and flexed some serious cinematic chops. Now, there's a new video that provides a glimpse of the unique "single-player co-op" gameplay. This footage might be even more stirring than the first trailer, which is saying a lot.

Well, that was a refreshing break from the quick cuts, dubstep soundtracks, and tired themes we typically see in video game trailers. I think I just felt some genuine emotion wash over me. The gameplay looks pretty neat, too. You apparently "travel back in time to solve puzzles co-operatively with yourself."

The gameplay trailer's release was supposed to coincide with an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, but that's apparently been delayed. According to the Reset website, interested backers will be able to contribute to the development effort soon. Reset is part of Steam's Greenlight program already as a "concept or project early in development." Unfortunately, there's no word on when it could be finished.

The Steam listing pointed me to a gorgeous video showing off some of the game's atmospheric effects. This one is more of a tech demo, and there's no musical accompaniment, but the visuals are impressive.

Even in silence, Reset has plenty of atmosphere. I'm really curious to see how everything comes together in the final product.

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