Catalyst 13.11 beta 7 drivers improve BF4 CrossFire scaling

Well, AMD's driver team sure is keeping busy. Only days after rolling out the Catalyst 13.11 beta 6 drivers, they're back with a beta 7 release. Here's what's in store, according to the release notes on AMD's knowledge base site:

  • Includes all Feature Highlights of the AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta6
  • Increases AMD CrossFire​™ scaling up to an additional 20% for Battlefield 4

So, yeah, this is pretty straightforward. If you're planning to play Battlefield 4 today (the game came out this morning), and you have a CrossFire multi-GPU rig, download away. Otherwise, I expect you're probably fine sticking with the beta 6 release.

Download links for both desktop and mobile versions of the Catalyst 13.11 beta 7 drivers can be found here.

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