tecChannel's m478 Pentium 4 exclusive

Don't ask me how, but tecChannel has a p/review of Northwood. Northwood is the 0.18-micron Pentium 4 which Intel hopes will finally give AMD's Athlon a run for its money, among other things. The article is in German, so bring your translators¬óbut you won't need them for the benchmarks. Yes, they have benchmarks of the 1.5GHz Northwood on both the i850 Tehama and i845 Brookdale platforms. Intel may ask them to take the article down, so go read before it is too late.

Update: tecChannel is now saying that "the CPU reviewed here is probably not Intel's Northwood" (see their clarification on the front page). Instead, it is the Willamette in the new m478 format. Thanks to Mr. John P. New for letting us know. Sorry for the confusion.

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