New Radeon drivers address Battlefield 4 instability

This is getting to be a bit much. Last Friday, AMD released Catalyst 13.11 beta 6 graphics drivers with performance optimizations for a whole bunch of games. On Monday, it rolled out beta 7 drivers with improved CrossFire scaling in Battlefield 4. And now, there's a new beta 8 release that promises to fix "intermittent crashes experienced with Battlefield 4 on Windows 8."

I've seen numerous reports complaining of BF4 instability, so it's good to see AMD addressing the issue quickly. It's unclear whether Radeon drivers are the cause of everyone's problems, though.

Since AMD is supposed to be working closely with Battlefield 4's developers, I'm surprised that it's taken three drivers to get Radeon support sorted out. Nvidia released WHQL-certified drivers tuned for BF4 on Monday, and we haven't seen new GeForce betas since. That doesn't guarantee smooth sailing for GeForce owners, of course, but it suggests that Nvidia may have been better prepared for BF4's debut.

The Catalyst 13.11 beta 8 drivers have all the enhancements rolled into previous releases. That means they should be the best version for Radeon owners to grab. Desktop and mobile versions of the beta 8 drivers can be downloaded here.

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