1. Electic Tech has PowerStrip 3.0 beta build 167
  2. ZZZ online | Number 89
  3. Digit Life's June hardware digest
  4. EverythingUSB's weekly top 30 USB products

  1. AKIBA has Pentium III-S 1.26GHz (thanks Firestone)
  2. ClubOC reviews Athlon MP 1.2GHz (on an Abit KT7A)
  3. Amdmb reviews EPoX EP-8KHA
  4. Pc-Critic on memory bandwidth
Multimedia and cooling

  1. FiringSquad reviews Asus V8200 Pure GF3
  2. Rizenet reviews Compex UE202-A USB LAN adapter
  3. BiT-Tech reviews mini 9CM neons
  4. Tom's Hardware cools off with Koolance case
  5. M:6 reviews Zalman CNPS 3100 FHS
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