Eizo gaming monitor combines VA panel, 240Hz refresh rate

In August, Eizo announced the FDF2405W, a 23.5" 1080p screen that delivers a 240Hz refresh rate on a VA panel with 10-bit color reproduction—a nice upgrade over the TN panels typically found in LCD monitors with speedy refresh rates. The FDF2405W is designed for folks who view satellite images, so it's not really suitable for PC enthusiasts. However, Eizo has rolled out a slightly different version targeting gamers. Behold the Foris FG2421:

Much like its satellite-optimized sibling, the Foris doesn't actually accept 240Hz input. Instead, it converts 120Hz signals to 240Hz by doubling up on frames and blinking the backlight between them. This so-called Turbo 240 tech is supposed to reduce motion blur, and you can read more about it in this whitepaper (PDF).

Along with its fancy turbo mode, the FG2421 has custom circuitry to reduce input lag. Eizo claims less than one frame of lag at 60Hz and under 1.5 frames at 120Hz. There's nothing the display can do about the lag on your 'net connection, of course.

Although display lacks the 10-bit color support of its predecessor, Eizo says the FG2421 pumps out 16.7 million colors—eight bits per channel, in other words. The underlying VA panel has wide 176° viewing angles and a 5000:1 contrast ratio. Thanks to an onboard ambient light sensor, the display can adjust its brightness automatically. Maximum luminosity: 400 cd/m².

Interestingly, the monitor comes loaded with different color profiles for FPS and RTS games. Users can save and share their own profiles, and Eizo promises to release new ones created by pro gamers.

Amazon has the FG2421 listed for $556, which is pretty steep for a 23.5" 1080p display. There aren't too many non-TN monitors with high refresh rates, though, and this one comes with a five-year warranty. With the first monitors based on revealed G-Sync tech due next year, it will be interesting to see what happens to the market for more traditional high-refresh-rate displays. Thanks to TR reader Carl for the tip.

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