Good afternoon, folks.

I'm back from ARM TechCon and have hit the ground running on several projects. Thanks to each of you who contributed questions for ARM in response to my last Etc. post. I believe I have answers to many of those questions, thanks to the good folks at ARM, who were very open and willing to share.

There's tons of work on my plate, so finding time to write up everything will be a challenge. My plan right now is to finish a couple of desktop graphics-related articles in the near term, and then to turn back to ARM after that. I think we need to establish a little context as we're drilling down into the specifics of ARM's tech. I look forward to doing that, given the time for a proper write-up.

For now, I'll say that ARM TechCon was a real learning opportunity. I continue to be impressed at the scope of ARM's ambition and by the number of smart people working there to help make it happen. I also get the sense that the currently accepted narrative about ARM's future—which puts it on a technological and business path analogous to Intel's in the late 90s or early '00s—may break down in interesting ways over the next few years. ARM itself is promoting a more radical vision, in which the costs are driven out of SoCs and computing devices generally in a way that $500 smartphones and $300 tablets haven't really begun to realize. I'll have more to say on this subject soon, but that's something to chew on for now, at least.

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