SuSE Linux 7.2 Professional reviewed

— 3:52 AM on July 8, 2001

LinuxLookup has a short review of what looks like the distro to beat.

But what has always bothered me, and other novice users, was the learning curve necessary to get a fully operational GNU/Linux system up and running with minimal effort. That complication has been overcome with the release of the 7.2 version SuSE's popular distribution. I received a copy of the boxed version of the Professional distribution and can state quite categorically that this is the easiest install I've run to date.
Those people who continue to profess that Linux is too hard may want to take a look.

Slackware Linux 8.0 is also available. The new distro includes Linux kernel 2.4.5, KDE 2.1.2, GNOME 1.4, and other goodies. Slackware's distro is the closest to UNIX, and purists would argue that it remains the best way for the novice to learn Linux.

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