UPDATED: Is that a Nexus 8 on Google's Android site?

Ooh. So, this has been making the rounds on gadget sites over the weekend, and there may be something to it. Check out this image from the Apps & Entertainment page of the newly updated Android website:


I don't recall there being a thin-bezeled tablet like that in Google's lineup. Do you?

It's only been about three months since Google's second-gen Nexus 7 came out, so I'd be surprised if this were a replacement for it. More likely, the guys at sites like Gizmodo are right, and this is a possibly unannounced Nexus 8 that somehow slipped into the Android 4.4 marketing materials. Stranger things have happened.

A Nexus 8 may seem redundant next to the Nexus 7, but it could help Google better compete with Apple's updated iPad mini lineup. Last month, Apple announced the $399 iPad mini with Retina display, a smaller version of its iPad Air tablet with the same 2048x1536 display and A7 chip. The company also cut the price of the original iPad mini from $329 to $299. Both versions of the iPad mini have (gasp!) uber-thin bezels just like the device pictured above.

Update 10:02 PM: Google has edited the image to make the tablet in the woman's hand look like a Nexus 7. The width of the device seems off, though.

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