Metro: Last Light released for Linux, will support SteamOS

Game developers aren't waiting for SteamOS to give Linux gamers some love. At least, the folks at 4A Games aren't. As Shacknews report, 4A Games has ported its latest opus, Metro: Last Night, to the free-as-in-speech (and as in beer, in most cases) operating system.

Paying a visit to Last Light's Steam product page shows Windows, Mac, and Linux icons next to the Steam Play logo. That means buying the game once entitles you to play it on all three platforms. Handy, right? The Steam store charges $39.99 for the game right now, which isn't too bad, considering Last Light came out in May and has an 82% score on Metacritic.

Oh, and 4A Games isn't stopping there. According to Shacknews, the game studio has pledged to make Last Light compatible with SteamOS and Valve's upcoming Steam Controller. In fact, the game will reportedly ship on those 300 beta Steam Machines going out to testers later this year.

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