Nvidia suffers revenue, profit shrinkage

The numbers are in for Nvidia's latest fiscal quarter, and... well, the green team could be doing better. Although Nvidia's gross margin was up a couple of points compared to last year, revenue and profits were both down a ways.

Here are the numbers. They pertain to the third quarter of Nvidia's 2014 fiscal year, which ended on October 27:

  Q3 FY'13 Q2 FY'14 Q3 FY'14
Revenue $1.204 billion $977.2 million $1.054 billion
Net income $209.1 million $96.4 million $118.7 million
Gross margin 52.9% 55.8% 55.4%

As Reuters reports, sales of Nvidia's Tegra mobile chips sank by 54%, and sales of its PC graphics processor decreased by 2%. Nevertheless, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang touts "the proliferation of Tegra into new verticals like automotive and set-top boxes." He also boasts about "all-time high Quadro and Tesla revenues" and a "record number of customer trials for our GRID datacenter initiative."

Reuters says Nvidia's forecast for the ongoing quarter came in below Wall Street estimates, as well. Analysts were forecasting $1.083 billion on average, but Nvidia says it expects revenue of $1.05 billion, give or take a couple of percent, with a gross margin of "approximately" 54.2%. For reference, in the same quarter last year, Nvidia posted $1.107 billion revenue and a 52.9% gross margin.

In related news, Nvidia plans to give back $1 billion to shareholders through "stock repurchases and quarterly dividend payments" during its 2015 fiscal year. For those not intimately familiar with Nvidia's accounting practices, it looks like the company's fiscal years usually begin on the last Monday of January.

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