Deal of the week: Graphics, keyboards, and cheap games

We have a nice collection of hardware and game bargains this week, including a high-end Radeon, some clicky keyboards, and some oldies but goodies from the Rockstar catalog:

  • By far, the best pick of the new crop of high-end graphics cards is AMD's Radeon R9 290. This bad boy is in stock for $399.99 in either HIS or Sapphire flavors. There's a $419.99 XFX model available, as well. All three are reference cards with reference coolers, so the only difference may be the warranty—XFX apparently offers lifetime coverage if you register. You can't really go wrong with any of these three, though.
  • Need a mechanical keyboard? Rosewill's entire RK-9000 series is 30% off at Newegg if you punch in the promo code "EMCWWXR96" at checkout. That coupon brings our favorite, the RK-9000BR with Cherry MX brown switches, from $99.99 to a cool $69.99 before shipping. (By Don't miss our review of the RK-9000 series here.)
  • Newegg also has Rockstar games for up to 75% off. Titles on offer include Max Payne 3 for $6.00, Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition for $9.00, and L.A. Noire for $6.00. Those are all Steam codes, so none of that physical media nonsense is involved.

North of the border, our Canadian readers can partake in NCIX's Spectacular November Sale Event. There are plenty of deals to choose from there, including a 3TB WD Green hard drive for $119.99 CAD and a hot-clocked GeForce GTX 660 for $169.99 CAD after a $20 mail-in rebate.

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