The Humble Store debuts, offers deals on a bunch of games

The folks behind the Humble Bundle games deals have been ratcheting up their activity lately, with weekly bundles and expansions into e-books and such. Now, they've gone to a whole new place by opening the Humble Store, a whose front page looks oddly reminiscent of a certain other valve outlet.

To celebrate the store's opening, they're offering steep discounts on a host of PC games right now, including Gunpoint for $4.99 and Natural Selection II for $6.25. Since this is the Humble Store, 10% of all proceeds from any game purchases will go to charity.

These offerings are scheduled to expire and be replaced by a second set of deals around mid-day today. Kind of like, you know, that other place's big sales. Don't get me wrong, though. I'm all for more of those.

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