Humble Store day-two deals include Guild Wars 2, Blood Dragon

The day-two deals have arrived in the Humble Store, and the selection today includes some notable games.

The headliner is probably Guild Wars 2 for $29.99, followed closely by the cheesy faux-80's shooter, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon for $4.99. Also, Antichamber, which blew Geoff's mind and ruined him for the next day's work, is selling for $5.99.

Personally, the offer I'm most tempted by is Papers, Please for $5.99, since I don't yet own it. This nifty little indie game has been getting rave reviews, despite looking like it's something you might have played on the Apple II. I'm intrigued.

Anyhow, head over and check out the deals while they last.

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