Intel opening pop-up stores in New York, Chicago, LA

Intel isn't exactly known for its broad portfolio of consumer goods. Nevertheless, according to Intel's official Chip Shots blog, the chipmaker will open three pop-up retail stores across the United States this holiday season.

The stores will open in Nolita, New York City on November 23; Lincoln Park, Chicago on November 25; and Venice, California on November 26. Intel says people who visit the stores will be able to "experience" Intel-powered devices as well as ask "Intel tech experts" for advice. The chipmaker also says it will "allow people to test drive certain Intel-based devices at home."

It doesn't sound like there will actually be any retail merchandise on offer, though. The devices on display "will be available to buy online from inside the Intel Experience Stores," Intel explains, which presumably means you'll be able to place orders for delivery—but not take physical products home.

Oh yeah, and there's a promo video up on YouTube:

Frankly, I don't know how I feel about this. I can understand firms like Samsung and Microsoft opening their own stores, since they both have consumer goods of their own. But Intel? Will the average holiday-season shopper really feel compelled to walk into an Intel store instead of, say, a Best Buy or an Apple store? I somehow doubt it.

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