Report: Broadwell-K chips to have four cores, Iris Pro graphics

Last month, we heard that the first unlocked, desktop-bound versions of Intel's next-gen Broadwell processor were due out in late 2014. Not much else was revealed about the chips at the time. Now, however, the folks at CPU-World have gleaned some additional details.

For starters, they say Broadwell-K processors will feature Iris Pro integrated graphics. That is, they will pair up their integrated graphics logic with 128MB of dedicated eDRAM cache. That configuration is already supported by existing Haswell silicon, but Intel only adds the eDRAM cache to non-socketed processors aimed at all-in-one desktops and the like.

CPU-World also says Broadwell-K will have four cores with Turbo Boost and Hyper-Threading capabilities. The Core i7-branded versions of the chip will have HT enabled with a full 6MB of L3 cache, while their Core i5-branded brethren will reportedly lack HT and make do with 4MB of L3. Either way, it sounds like the top Broadwell-K configuration will have quad cores and eight threads, just like the Haswell-based Core i7-4770K does today.

One would think the shrink to 14-nm manufacturing would leave room for more cores, so I'm a little disappointed not to be hearing about six- or eight-core Broadwell-K models. That said, with AMD not expected to update its FX-series desktop chips next year, Intel won't exactly be under much competitive pressure to shake things up in that market. (Thanks to TR reader SH SOTN for the tip.)

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