1. Electic Tech on Adaptec and HighPoint Tech's announcement to collaborate
    on future IDE-RAID controllers,
    Lexmark E210: sub-$200 laser printer,
    Plextor PlexWriter 8/8/24A SlimLine CD-RW drive,
    and UMAX Astra 4400 scanner
  2. The Inquirer reports that Microsoft will alter OEM pricing
    and Compaq loses Alpha deal to IBM (thanks rand)
  3. Microsoft continues to attack open source code (thanks rand)
  4. FiringSquad on Diablo II expansion
  5. bluescreenofdeth reviews A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (movie)

  1. OCWorkBench has Morgan 1.1GHz picture?
  2. The Tech Zone reflects on top 10 most earth shaking hardware (win their T-shirt here)
  3. PC Watch reviews Pentium III-S 1.13GHz (thanks Firestone)
  4. Planet Savage reviews EPoX EP-8K7A
  5. RipNet-UK reviews EPoX EP-8KTA3+
  6. Tweak3D shows how to install an add-in card
Multimedia, cases, and cooling

  1. HotHardware reviews Absolute Multimedia Morpheus GF3
  2. Tom's Hardware Guide's GeForce 3 roundup
  3. HardwareOC reviews NVIDIA GF2 MX chipset
  4. DVD-R/RW drives hit AKIBA (thanks Firestone)
  5. BiT-Tech's case competition II
  6. AMDZone reviews Antec SX1040 case
  7. GideonTech reviews GlobalWin CAK-38
  8. Overclocker Cafe reviews Swiftech MC-462

  1. DVD Genie v4.02a
  2. CDRWIN v4.0A beta and 3.8E
  3. 1006c01f BIOS for Asus A7V133-C (thanks to SocketA for these)
  4. 1006_01f BIOS for Asus A7V133
  5. 1006vm03 BIOS for Asus A7S-VM
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