Sniper Elite 3 to tap AMD's Mantle API

Another game has joined the ranks of Mantle-enabled titles. Earlier today, Rebellion Entertainment announced plans to use AMD's new graphics API in Sniper Elite 3, the latest instalment in its shooter series. The game is due out next year.

Rebellion is actually building Mantle support into its homebrewed Asura engine, which powers all of the studio's games—"from advanced PC titles, to mobile and next-generation console games." (Mantle itself is PC-only for now, though.) Rebellion CEO and Creative Director Jason Kingsley said Mantle support will be a "crucial part of [Rebellion's] plans for the next year," so I expect Sniper Elite 3 won't be the last of the studio's titles to harness the API.

Last week, we learned that 15 of EA's upcoming games will also support Mantle. That's in addition to Battlefield 4, which will get a Mantle patch next month, as well as Thief and Star Citizen, which hail from other studios and publishers.

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