Carmack to leave id, focus on Oculus

Wow. Talk about unexpected. Earlier today, id Software announced that John Carmack, the company's co-founder and technical guru, will be leaving the company. Here's the official statement from id CEO Tim Willits, as quoted by Polygon:

John Carmack, who has become interested in focusing on things other than game development at id, has resigned from the studio. . . . John's work on id Tech 5 and the technology for the current development work at id is complete, and his departure will not affect any current projects. We are fortunate to have a brilliant group of programmers at id who worked with John and will carry on id's tradition of making great games with cutting-edge technology. As colleagues of John for many years, we wish him well.

In a Twitter post, Carmack chimed in to say:

I wanted to remain a technical adviser for Id, but it just didn't work out. Probably for the best, as the divided focus was challenging.

Carmack joined virtual-reality firm Oculus as Chief Technolgy Officer in August, following the death of co-founder Andrew Scott Reisse. At the time, Carmack tweeted, "My time division is now Oculus over Id over Armadillo. Busy busy busy!" According to NewSpace Journal, however, Carmack said at QuakeCon later that month, "The situation that we're at right now [with Armadillo Aerospace] is that things are turned down to sort of a hibernation mode." Based on that statement, it looks like Carmack will be focusing pretty much solely on Oculus going forward.

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