Man down!

TR isn't the the only one having problems; both MSN and Napster have continued their spotty or halted services into a second week. MSN's service has been questionable since last week, which certainly doesn't bode well for Microsoft's ability to provide the kind of consistent service necessary for .NET and other online initiatives.
MSN Messenger users started experiencing trouble Tuesday, with the most commonly reported glitches being connection problems and missing buddy lists of friends. Microsoft temporarily took MSN Messenger offline around 3 p.m. PDT Thursday in an attempt to fix the problem. Although the company had partially restored the service in many countries by Friday morning, problems still plagued many customers Monday.
At least MSN has been up at times, though. Napster seems finally doomed as they've completely halted file trading spanning two weeks now.
Q: For how long will they be suspended? A: Napster's goal is to start file transfers again as soon as possible, but we can't yet give a precise time. This is a brand-new technology, and we're still fine-tuning all the parts. Napster's engineers have been hard at work on resolving the database problem. Once this problem is worked out, file transfers will start again.
It made me feel a little better seeing high-profile services like MSN and Napster experiencing problems, despite the wealth of funding they've both received. That is, until I realized I couldn't get onto MSN. Grrr.
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