Walmart to sell $89, Intel-powered HP tablet on Black Friday

Well, this is interesting. We've seen plenty of uber-cheap Android tablets with low-grade ARM processors, but never one with an Atom chip. Yet according to Intel's InsideScoop blog, Walmart's Black Friday deals will include an $89 HP tablet with, you guessed it, Intel inside:

Dubbed the HP Mesquite (or HP7, if you go by the picture above), the device will run Android and feature a 7" screen. You'll have to use your imagination to figure out the other specs, though, because there's absolutely no official word on the internals, the screen resolution, or any of the corners that were presumably cut to reach the low asking price.

That said, the folks at PC World claim to have learned from a "source familiar with the plan" that the device will have a Medfield Atom chip. Medfield is the single-core predecessor to Clover Trail, which has itself been supplanted by the quad-core Bay Trail, so... yeah, I wouldn't expect stellar performance from this puppy. For $89, though, what did you expect?

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