Leaked Kaveri slide makes performance claims, mentions dedicated SSD interface

Fresh details have leaked out on AMD's next-gen Kaveri APU. An official-looking slide posted by Extreme Spec highlights several features of the upcoming Kaveri platform, including a PCI Express interface dedicated to solid-state drives. Unfortunately, there's no word on the number of lanes in that interface or whether it offers Gen3 connectivity. According to the slide, Kaveri is slated to have at least 16 PCIe 3.0 lanes for discrete graphics cards. The accompanying Bolton chipset has PCI Express connectivity, too, but it's limited to Gen2 speeds.

We already know a couple of things about Kaveri's CPU and GPU components. The CPU will have up to four Steamroller cores, and the Radeon will sport as many as eight GCN compute units. AMD hasn't revealed the number of shader processors in each of those GCN units, though, and it hasn't discussed clock speeds. The slide makes a couple of performance claims, though. The CPU cores are said to deliver a 20% performance boost over the Piledriver cores in existing Richland chips. Kaveri's integrated Radeon is supposed to be 30% faster than its Richland counterpart, as well.

The slide appears to pertain to mobile platforms, and it includes some information on TDP ratings and expected battery life. If those details are accurate, Kaveri APUs will be available with 15-35W thermal envelopes. The slide indicates that AMD is "targeting" 11 hours of MobileMark 2007 run time with a 62Wh battery. That's a "pre-silicon projection and not based on actual measured data," the accompanying footnote adds.

Kaveri is due to hit desktops on January 14, but I don't believe AMD has discussed a specific schedule for mobile variants. The company's current roadmap simply lists Kaveri APUs covering the mainstream and performance notebook segments for all of next year.

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