..and a late merry Christmas, etc. etc. from us here at TR. I'm writing to you from the spiffy new Damage Labs complex, thanks to a perfectly-executed facilities move over the Christmas holidays here. The new Damage Labs bunker, nestled half-underground, is ready and stocked for the run-up to Y2K.

With the other holidays out of the way, the media's going to be pouring it on full-force now: Y2K hype seasoned generously with arbitrarily-ranked top-10/100/1000 lists of the last 10/100/1000 years. These next few days may confirm what some of us have feared all along: though Y2K itself may not trigger our worst apocalyptic escatological imaginings after all, the Y2K hype could well bring the western world to its knees.

The best defense? Keep your web browser tuned to TR for as-it-happens counter-hype, anti-analysis, and generally unrelated tech news and reviews. We don't care what millennium it is, anyhow, so long as the FPS, MIPS, MFLOPS, and megabytes keep rising while the prices keep tumbling.

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