Pawn Stars guys diss Chromebooks in new Microsoft ad

Oh boy. So, you know about Scroogled, Microsoft's negative advertising campaign against Google? Well, the latest ad in that campaign has just popped up online, and it takes aim at Chromebooks—with a little help from the protagonists of History Channel's Pawn Stars. Take a look:

The criticism levied at Chromebooks isn't too far off the mark. I was pretty disappointed with Samsung's Chromebook when I reviewed it myself last year—the thing was surprisingly limited and limiting. That said, I'm not sure if the best vehicle for criticism is Rick Harrison's ugly face sneering at some poor woman for a minute and a half (because who else would be the embodiment of gape-mouthed computer illiteracy, right?).

Microsoft, if you're tired of Google eating up your market share, then show me why your products are better. Compare Chromebooks to, I don't know, the new Transformer T100, which is a far more compelling device. But don't just sit there and pay reality TV stars to talk smack about Google. The Pawn Stars ad may make Chromebooks look bad, but it doesn't exactly make you look good.

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