Would you pay $180 for a Surface RT tablet and Touch Cover?

The Surface RT may go down as one of Microsoft's most epic failures. Hardly anyone bought the device, and most tablet makers have distanced themselves from the underlying operating system. Folks who live near a Micro Center location will be able to get the Surface RT on the cheap, though. On Friday only, the retailer is selling the tablet and an accompanying Touch Cover keyboard for only $180.

On the surface, ahem, that seems like a pretty good deal. You're getting a 10" tablet with a keyboard for about half the price of our favorite Windows convertible, the Transformer Book T100. But you're also stuck with Windows RT and relatively sluggish application load times.

When I asked if any of the TR staffers in our IRC channel would pay $180 for the Surface combo, there was only silence. Now I'm asking you. Would anyone shell out $180 for the Surface RT and Touch Cover? At least on Black Friday, Micro Center is selling the Nexus 7 for only $20 more. Thanks to Laptoping for spotting this deal.

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