Black Friday Shortbread

The Fierce Five

  1. Bloomberg: Microsoft said to lean to Mulally, Nadella, in CEO
    search and Xbox One has not one, but three operating systems
  2. DigiTimes: Asus, Toshiba to launch Chromebooks with Intel chips
    and Gigabyte expected to post 28-year shipments high of 21 million
    motherboards in 2013
  3. Linux chief: 'Open source is safer, and Linux is
    more secure than any other OS' - VentureBeat
  4. Softpedia: Who needs Winamp when you can play music from the terminal
  5. For a very limited time, use promo code MBLBF52 to get 5% off
    your entire purchase (up to a maximum discount of $50) at Newegg

Black Friday

  1. TweakTown previews Google Nexus 5
  2. Datamation on the burning bridges of Ubuntu
  3. Phoronix: Intel Linux driver almost neck-and-neck with Windows 8.1
  4. Phoronix does Ultra HD 4K Linux graphics card testing
  5. OCC's Nvidia Shield review
  6. Newegg's Black Friday sale
Systems and storage

  1. Guru3D's rig of the month - November 2013
  2. HotHardware reviews iBuypower Chimera
    4SE FX Ultimate
    AMD gaming PC
  3. Ocaholic updates buying advice for gaming PCs
  4. KitGuru's AMD A10-6790K APU review
  5. The SSD Review on 480GB VisionTek Data Fusion PCIe SSD
  6. TweakTown reviews 16GB Super Talent DRAM Disk flash drive
Multimedia and cases

  1. Hardware.Info's Inno3D GTX 770 / 780 iChill Accelero Hybrid review
  2. CPCR reviews Razer Kraken Forged Edition headphones
  3. techPowerUp! reviews MP4Nation Brainwavz HM9 headphones
  4. Ocaholic's Tesoro Kuven A1 headset review
  5. Hardware Heaven's Sennheiser G4ME Zero headset video review
  6. Legit Reviews on Corsair Graphite 230T Battleship Grey case
  7. techPowerUp! reviews Aerocool GT-S Black Edition case
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