Steam served over 7 million concurrent users yesterday

No doubt about it, plenty of folks spent the long weekend glued to freshly acquired Xbox Ones and PlayStation 4s. But as it turns out, quite a few people were playing PC titles, as well—enough to set a new record for most concurrent Steam users, according to VG247.

The site says utilization of Valve's service peaked at just over 7.19 million concurrent users on the morning of Sunday, December 1. That's a nice increase over the previous record of 6.6 million users, which was reportedly reached in January of this year. The record before that was 6 million concurrent users, and it was reached in November 2012.

The official Steam & Game Stats page still has a record of the, uh record, and it also shows the most popular games by current player count and by peak player count today. As of right now, the top three are Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Team Fortress 2. I'm a little surprised to see Football Manager 2014 in the number-four spot, but that game actually has a lower peak for today than Skyrim, so I guess there must be a lot of Europeans logged in right now. Or something.

In any case, this looks like another sign that PC gaming isn't just alive and well—it's actually growing, too.

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