Dell intros 4K monitors; sub-$1,000 model coming soon

Remember that Dell 4K monitor we told you about in July? Well, it's finally here. And it brought a couple of friends. Dell has announced a whole lineup of 4K displays.

The star of the show is the UltraSharp 32 pictured below. Otherwise known as the UP3214Q, this appears to be the same monitor Dell was showing earlier in the year. It has a 31.5" IGZO panel with a 3840x2160 display resolution good for 140 PPI.

Like Asus' 32" 4K offering, the UltraSharp 32 is selling for a wallet-busting $3,500. Fortunately, it has a smaller, cheaper sibling. The Ultrasharp 24 will be priced at only $1,400 when it becomes widely available on December 16. Pictured below, this UP2414Q model squeezes the same resolution as the 31.5-incher in a more compact 23.8" panel. The pixel density is higher as a result: 180 PPI.

Dell's spec sheet says the UltraSharp 32 uses an IGZO panel with 10-bit color. The IPS panel in the UltraSharp 24 is an "8-bit + AFRC" unit that simulates a similar color depth—and is apparently quite effective. Both displays claim to cover 100% of the sRGB and 99% of the Adobe RGB spectrums. They have identical 1000:1 typical contrast and 350 cd/m² brightness ratings, too, and the same 8-ms gray-to-gray response times.

60Hz input can be piped through the DisplayPort 1.2 connector on each model. There's also an HDMI port limited to 30Hz and a Mini DisplayPort connector with an unspecified refresh rate. The integrated USB hub serves up four SuperSpeed ports and a media card reader on both monitors. Only the UltraSharp 24 can pivot to a portrait orientation, though.

Early next year, Dell intends to roll out the UltraSharp 28 for "under $1,000." The P2815Q conspicuously lacks the leading "U" of its peers, so it may shave a few features to hit the lower price point. According to Dell, the 28" model will be "the most affordable Ultra HD monitor in the industry when it is launched."

PC users have been waiting for high-PPI displays for a while, and it looks like they're about to start trickling down to more reasonable price points. A grand is a lot of dough to drop on a single screen, but it's still a lot less than $3,500.

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