Unofficial AMD roadmap details desktop plans through 2015

Last month, AMD released an updated desktop roadmap that laid out its plans for 2014. We learned that an FX refresh isn't in the cards, at least next year. Now, another desktop roadmap posted on the HardOCP forums suggests that existing Vishera-based FX processors could stick around through 2015. The roadmap isn't official, but it certainly seems plausible given AMD's current trajectory.

Since AMD's desktop and server chips typically share the same silicon, the lack of new FX processors suggests the Opteron family is moving toward APUs that combine CPU and GPU elements. The only Steamroller-based Opteron scheduled for next year is Berlin, a 28-nm chip with GCN-derived integrated graphics compute units. We don't know AMD's official plans past 2014, so it's possible the company is working on an updated Opteron CPU that could eventually trickle down to the FX family. However, none of the roadmaps we've seen mentions CPU-only Opteron parts with new cores.

On the APU front, the latest leaked roadmap suggests another refresh is coming in 2015. Dubbed Carrizo, this APU will feature updated Excavator CPU cores. There's no word on the fabrication process, but the TDP will apparently be no higher than 65W.

The leaked slide claims Carrizo will support DDR3 memory and slip into the same FM2+ socket as Kaveri. Interestingly, the integrated GPU is listed as "Next-Gen AMD Radeon Graphics"—the same distinction bestowed upon Kaveri. There's another similarity, too. Both chips are shown paired with the Bolton platform introduced alongside Richland earlier this year. AMD appears intent on milking its current chipsets for the next two years.

Today's AMD leak roundup ends with a trip to VR-Zone, which has published details about two inbound Kaveri APU models. The A10-7850K will reportedly feature quad cores with a 4GHz Turbo peak, while the A10-7700K will scale the Turbo frequency back to 3.8GHz. The VR-Zone leak claims both chips will have the same 720MHz GPU frequency. However, the 7700K will have only six GCN units, while the 7850K will sport eight.

Current Richland chips peak at 4.4GHz, so Kaveri will have to offer some nice IPC improvements to deliver on the 20% performance increase teased by an earlier leak. Kaveri's integrated graphics also seem to be clocked lower than Richland's, but the integrated Radeon is based on a more advanced architecture, and there are more ALUs on tap, at least in the top configuration. GPU performance is expected to be up 30% versus Richland.

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