Valve joins the Linux Foundation

Well, folks, looks like Valve's love affair with Linux has become official. Earlier today, the company became a member of the Linux foundation, joining the ranks of firms like HP, IBM, Intel, Oracle, and Samsung.

Here's what Valve hopes to achieve by tying the knot, in the words of staffer Mike Sartain:

Joining the Linux Foundation is one of many ways Valve is investing in the advancement of Linux gaming. Through these efforts, we hope to contribute tools for developers building new experiences on Linux, compel hardware manufacturers to prioritize support for Linux, and ultimately deliver an elegant and open platform for Linux users.

We've known Valve has had a thing for Linux for a while. The company announced Linux ports of its games and Steam software last year, and it's currently polishing up its own, Linux-based operating system—SteamOS. Gabe Newell has also called Windows 8 a "catastrophe" and said Valve is "trying to make sure that Linux thrives."

The Linux Foundation employs Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux kernel, and in the organization's words, "[provides] the crucial services and collaborative infrastructure to continue Linux' advancement and protection." The Linux Foundation also offers "advanced consulting services," provides "mentoring programs" for new members, hosts conferences, and encourages individuals and companies to work on collaborative projects.

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