MSI's new gaming notebook has a 2880x1620 screen

More and more premium ultrabooks are toting high-PPI screens. MSI's latest mobile offering has a similarly high-density display with an impressive 2880x1620 resolution—but it's hardly an ultrabook.

Rather, the new GT60 is a big honkin' gaming laptop filled with high-end hardware. Complementing its 15.6" high-PPI display are a quad-core Core i7-4700MQ processor, a GeForce GTX 780M discrete GPU, 16GB of system memory, a 128GB solid-state drive, and a 1TB 7,200-RPM mechanical hard drive. Other noteworthy features include a Killer E2200 Wi-Fi adapter, a Blu-ray drive, a "programmable backlit keyboard" from SteelSeries, and Dynaudio speakers with a built-in subwoofer.

No wonder the system weighs 7.7 lbs and measures almost 1.8" thick. The $2,199.99 asking price isn't entirely surprising, either. As far as gaming notebooks go, I don't think it gets much more high-end than this.

MSI also offers a "workstation" version of the GT60. That variant swaps out the GeForce for a Quadro K3100M, ships with a copy of Windows 7 Professional instead of Windows 8, and is "Adobe Creative Suite 6, AutoDesk and SolidWorks optimized." Asking price: $2,799.99—steep enough to make an Apple product manager blush.

I'm not really into gaming notebooks, but there is something to be said for one that combines an ultra-dense screen with one of the fastest mobile GPUs around. Then again, the GTX 780M isn't as fast as its desktop namesake. It's essentially akin to a desktop GTX 770 with lower base and memory speeds. Given that the full-fledged GTX 770 only manages 41 FPS in Battlefield 4 at 2560x1600 with detail settings maxed out, one has to wonder how the slower GTX 780M fares at this system's native 2880x1620 resolution.

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