No Man's Sky has procedurally generated planets, looks amazing

After seeing clips of Star Citizen, I didn't expect to be impressed by another indie space game so soon. And, as it turns out, I was quite wrong. Check out No Man's Sky, a procedurally generated space game under development by Hello Games, the four-person team behind the Joe Danger series:

The guys over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun spoke to the developers and gathered more details about No Man's Sky.

Apparently, the game will let players loose in a galaxy filled with alien planets—some Earth-like, some not. Putting the scale of the game into context, Rock, Paper, Shotgun says No Man's Sky may be the first title without a skybox: "If you’re standing on a planet’s surface and look up," the site explains, "every single dot in the sky is an actual star you can go visit."

Activities will include exploration and resource gathering, both in spaceships and on foot. This will be a multiplayer game, and players will be able to share the discovery of new planets with others. But don't expect heated firefights. According to Hello Games' Sean Murray, "[G]enerally people are playing together cooperatively to the benefit of everyone."

The Rock, Paper, Shotgun story has plenty more details, and I recommend reading the whole thing if you're interested. One thing's clear, though: No Man's Sky looks amazing, and I'm now eagerly awaiting some kind of playable demo or beta.

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