Ubisoft's Snowdrop engine makes The Division look incredible

Tom Clancy may have passed, but his legacy lives on in video games. The Division is the next title to bear the author's name, and it looks fantastic. The official gameplay reveal was one of the best things to come out of this year's E3 show. Now, Ubisoft has released fresh footage highlighting The Division's next-gen Snowdrop engine. I recommend blowing this up to full screen at 1080p resolution.

Wow. I'm not sure whether I'm more excited to play the game or just to walk around in its version of New York. The Snowdrop engine's lighting and particle systems produce particularly compelling visuals. I really like the environmental damage on display, too, though it's unclear how many in-game elements can be shot full of holes.

The trailer even has a canine component—all the cool kids are putting German Shepherds in their video games these days. Sadly, this pooch appears to be hobbled by a bit of a limp. I can almost hear Sarah McLachlan's SPCA commercial echoing faintly in the background. Sniff.

Ubisoft confirmed in August that The Division is coming to the PC. In fact, Executive Producer Fredrik Rundqvist promised a "first-rate PC experience." We won't be able to enjoy that experience for a while, though. The Division is expected to hit shelves late next year.

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