Nvidia's G-Sync is smooth as expected; more soon

You may see a few previews of Nvidia's G-Sync technology around the web today. I also have a pre-production G-Sync monitor here in Damage Labs, and I've been playing with it for the last little while. I'm just not quite finished collecting impressions, high-speed videos, and everything else I want to include in my write-up.

As I hinted in my earlier post on the subject, I think G-Sync is one of the most interesting and promising new technologies in the PC gaming space in quite some time. Having it here in person hasn't dulled my enthusiasm. I just need a little longer to wrap my head around this technology's practical impact, and I'll have more to share soon! Now, I have to stop typing, or I'll start spilling half-baked impressions before they're ready to... eat? Ugh, need more coffee.

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