Release roundup: Thunderbolt mobos, Gold PSUs, and gaming headsets

This week in our release roundup, we bring tidings from BitFenix, Enermax, Gigabyte, and MSI.

  • "BitFenix - Introducing Flo Headset." This is BitFenix's first stab at a personal audio product. In the company's words, the Flo headset "brings iconic modern BitFenix design to a PC headset that's meant to also be enjoyed away from the PC!" Sound is generated by dual 40-mm neodynium drivers with "precision-tuned acoustic chambers," and the external frame is clad in BitFenix's trademark SofTouch coating. BitFenix includes a detachable microphone and an in-line remote to control the volume, but you can swap out the headset cable for a remote-free "mobile cable" designed to be used with handheld devices. The Flo headset will be offered in black, white, blue, and red.

  • "Revolution X't - Exquisitely Refined by Enermax." I'm not sure about the "exquisitely refined" part, but the new Revolution X't units do have 80 Plus Gold certification, which is always nice. (Enermax says they'll hit a peak efficiency of 90% on 115V current.) The units also boast a modular design with "100% flat and flexible" cables. And cooling is handled by one of Enermax's 139-mm Twister (a.k.a. magnetic) bearing fans, which ought to be pretty quiet. Enermax plans to offer 430W, 530W, 630W, and 730W models later this month for $99.99, $115.99, $129.99, and $139.99, respectively

  • "Introducing the MSI GTX 780Ti Gaming." With high-end Radeons so scarce, now's a good time to shop for GeForces. MSI's new take on the GeForce GTX 780 Ti features a Twin Frozr IV cooler with dual 100-mm fans, and it also has a "customized PCB" that purportedly "maximizes performance and efficiency for the highest FPS at the lowest temperatures." Folks can choose between three thermal profiles (OC, gaming, and silent) in MSI's Gaming app, as well.

About that BitFenix headset, I can't help but think Flo is an unfortunate name—especially for something offered in red. Then again, I suppose visits from Aunt Flo probably aren't a familiar occurrence for this product's target demographic. Ahem.

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