Spire's new microATX case costs $55, comes with a 420W PSU

Need a budget ATX case with all-black innards and motherboard tray cut-outs? No problem; those are a dime a dozen. Want a microATX version of the same? Now, your options have just gotten a whole lot more limited.

Enter Spire's Senna, a microATX chassis with basic enthusiast necessities, a decent-looking exterior, and a rather low asking price: just $55.

The Senna has cut-outs in its motherboard tray, both for cable routing and for easy access to the back of the PCU socket. There are three internal 3.5" bays, two 5.25" optical bays, and four USB ports (including one USB 3.0). On the cooling front, the Senna features a meshed front panel as well as room for three fans: one each at the front, rear, and side. It doesn't look like the case ships with any fans, though, and the documentation on Spire's website isn't clear on whether the mounts support 80/90-mm or 120-mm spinners.

What the Senna does come with is a 420W power supply. That $55 price tag apparently covers both the case and the PSU. Considering the power supply has only a two-year warranty, and Spire says nothing about its efficiency or amperage output per rail, I'm not sure I'd trust the thing to power my computer. Cheap PSUs often have iffy reliability and misleading power ratings.

At least the case itself looks nice enough, though. Spire says the Senna is already available in China, and European distribution will kick off early next month. There's no word yet on North American availability.

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