Morning, all. Man, news has been slow around here as we approach the holidays. That's not true for reviews and other projects, of courseā€”seems like there's always more to do there. But the flow of tech news has definitely waned in recent days. Happens every year, I guess, and I'm not really complaining.

I'm afraid we're contributing to the slowness in one way: I called off the podcast recording session last night. I think the show will most likely go on hiatus until the new year, with the holidays and then CES coming up shortly. We enjoy doing the show, but several of us are working on a secretive behind-the-scenes project, and I have, er, things to write. Perhaps I can coax Jordan into doing a special session direct from CES this year to make up for the break.

Now, I need to get back to writing. I'm shamefully overdue on my G-Sync write-up, and I've been staring at a large, intimidating outline for much too long. For articles about things that are really in my wheelhouse, I sometimes feel too much pressure to deliver something definitive or at least exhaustive. That can lead to delays and difficulty. What I really need to do is just write what I think.

Sounds easy, right?

Oh, also, just yesterday I received an Asus R9 290X DirectCU II card. This is the near-mythical, much-anticipated 290X card with a custom cooler. I've already had it running thermal stress tests, and the initial indications are quite positive. Cards like this one may wipe away a lotta concerns about the latest Radeons and even change the math at the high end of the market. More on that soon, too.

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