Fan mockups show OS X with iOS 7-style interface

Okay, so, fan-made user-interface mockups aren't generally worthy of news coverage. I know. But come on: it's the week before Christmas, and nothing's happening out there. What do you people want from me?

Anyway, the guys at Gizmodo spotted these cool mockups of what OS X might look like with an iOS 7-style user-interface revamp. There weren't stolen from Jony Ive's laptop by an NSA spook; they're an original creation by Andrew Ambrosino, a blogger and software development intern at Microsoft. The mockups are pretty well made, though, and they look quite enticing.

I  don't mind OS X's current candy-meets-brushed-aluminum look, mind you. But that look has been around for years now, and it is getting a little long in the tooth. More importantly, it clashes with the new, ultra-clean design Apple introduced with iOS 7. I wouldn't be surprised if something very much like Andrew's mockup were brewing in Apple's secret underground bunkers right now.

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