— 2:46 PM on July 11, 2001


  1. ZDNet's eWeek assesses Microsoft's collateral damage: breakup likely? (thanks rand)
  2. Electic Tech reports that Polaroid mulls bankruptcy
    and NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics achieves ISO-13406-2 standard for their flat panel displays
  3. The Tech Zone previews Windows XP RC1
  4. SystemLogic reviews Half-Life: Blue Shift
  5. Futurelooks live on MYCityRadio at 8:30AM Pacific tomorrow

  1. EBNOnline on Intel's difficulties (thanks AMDZone)
  2. Digit Life's June mobile digest
  3. Rojak Pot updates GAPI benchmark 2.0 results
  4. SocketA reviews Shuttle AK31 rev. 2
  5. Gaming in 3d reviews generic OEM 512MB PC133 SDRAM
Multimedia, case, and cooling

  1. Tech-GODS reviews VisionTek GF3
  2. SourceMagazine reviews Asus V8200 Deluxe GF3
  3. TweakTown reviews 40GB IBM Deskstar 60GXP HDD
  4. Digit Life reviews Motorola T205 GSM phone
  5. BiT-Tech reviews Quietpc 300W PSU
  6. Maximum3D reviews Antec SX1030B case
  7. FrostyTech reviews Molex 371660003 silent heatsink
  8. M:6 reviews Power Cooler PCH075
  9. Case Modders Australia reviews OCZ Gladiator copper cooler

  1. Electic Tech has leaked NVIDIA GF2 GTS BIOS file
    and new Creative Labs NVIDIA card drivers based on Detonator 12.90
  2. Hard Tecs 4U has Intel INF official chipset driver v2.90.009
  3. 3R03 beta BIOS for Abit KT7 series (thanks SocketA)
  4. New BIOS file for EPoX 8K7A/8K7A+ (thanks SocketA)
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