Winamp isn't dead yet, could get second wind

Remember how Winamp was supposed to shut down on December 20? It's now December 23, and reports of Winamp's death seem to have been greatly exaggerated. The Winamp website is still up, and the Winamp player (build 5.666) is still available to download from that website.

Did someone forget to pull the plug?

Perhaps not. The folks at Neowin asked what's up in a tweet to Eddy Richman of the Winamp team, and Richman replied with the following:

Richman's coy answer seems to lend weight to a story posted on TechCrunch last week. In that story, TechCrunch claimed to have learned from a "source with knowledge of the discussions" that AOL was "finalizing talks" to sell Winamp. The site had heard a month prior that AOL was negotiating a sale of the media player—along with Shoutcast—to Microsoft. Last week's story didn't name a buyer, so perhaps AOL will pass the torch to some other firm. Either way, this sounds like good news for Winamp fans.

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