Rumor: Apple, Samsung cooking up 13'' tablets

Interesting. I've seen quite a few stories about the success of small, 7" tablets, but I don't recall hearing anything about the demand for extra-large slates. Yet according to DigiTimes, both Apple and Samsung now have 13" slates on the way.

Word comes from DigiTimes' supply-chain sources, who believe the Apple device will launch in October 2014 and will be aimed at "North America's education market." The offering is rumored to have either a 12.9" or a 13.3" panel, with 12.9" considered the more likely option, and Quanta Computer is expected to handle manufacturing.

DigiTimes doesn't say much about what Samsung has in the works—just that the Korean firm is cooking up "12- to 13-inch tablets," and that the release of those devices will "greatly impact ultrabook demand."

In Samsung's case, I suspect DigiTimes may be talking about devices like HP's Split 13 x2: Windows 8 convertibles with ultrabook guts. The Apple rumor is harder to make sense of, though. Apple CEO Tim Cook has poked fun at the conflation of tablets and PCs, so I doubt we'll see the Mac maker churn out some sort of convertible anytime soon. I'm not sure I see the appeal of a jumbo-sized iOS tablet, however. Hmm.

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