Rumor: Asus, others readying PCs that run Windows, Android apps

So, this interesting. Yesterday, PC World quoted a couple of analysts who predicted that we'd see "PC Plus" systems at next year's Consumer Electronics Show. PC Plus, apparently, will be a new branding initiative referring to systems that run both Windows and Android apps.

Now, CNet's Crave blog has posted a teaser video from Asus that seems to lend weight to the rumor. The video doesn't reveal anything explicitly, but it's titled "ASUS CES 2014 Teaser I] Green or Blue? One or Two?" and, well, take a look:

Setting aside the somewhat tasteless repurposing of the Statue of Liberty as an airdancer, the video seems fairly unambiguous. Green is the color of the Android logo. Blue is the color of the new Windows logo. The statue is holding two tablets, both of which change from blue to green and vice versa. Yeah.

We've seen Windows PCs run Android games before thanks to BlueStacks. However, Patrick Moorhead, one of the analysts quoted by PC World, said the PC Plus project is "very different from BlueStacks." He elaborated:

"There are three [possible] implementations, including dual-boot, which would be a fast-switch mode where you press a button and within seconds you're in Android," Moorhead said. Others would include software emulation of Android within Windows, and some type of virtualization-based solution that would run an instance of Android in a virtual machine, just as OS X users can run Windows on their Macs through VMware's Fusion or Parallels' Desktop for Mac.

Writing for Time's Techland blog, analyst Tim Bajarin added that PC makers are embracing the PC Plus effort to "try and bring more touch-based apps to the Windows ecosystem." Given the relative dearth of Modern UI software for Windows 8, I'd say it's hard to blame them.

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