Tegra Note 7 software updated with camera, stylus tweaks

Owners of Nvidia's Tegra Note 7 tablet got a belated Christmas gift this morning: an over-the-air software update full of goodies.

According to this post on Nvidia's blog, the update brings the tablet's Android software up to version 4.3, includes some security and bug fixes, improves upon the device's stylus and camera, and lets users transfer files from internal storage to a microSD card.

Nvidia says the stylus has received "improvements in overall response" as well as support for left-handed use. There's a new stylus help option in the settings menu, too, and users now get a heads up in the notification bar when the stylus is inserted or removed. (The Tegra 7's stylus is designed to be tucked away inside the device.) The company also mentions the "ability to capture the notification bar with full-screen capture," but I'm not entirely clear on what that means—or how it relates to the stylus.

As for the camera, Nvidia has added an always-on high-dynamic range setting, video stabilization capabilities, and some "tuning and optimizations" to make the camera perform better "under certain lighting conditions."

The Tegra Note 7 was unveiled in September. It's designed by Nvidia and sold by some of the same firms who market the company's graphics cards, including EVGA, Gigabyte, and Zotac. The EVGA version is listed for $200 at Newegg, though it doesn't seem to be available right now. There's also been some speculation that HP's $200, Tegra 4-powered Slate7 Extreme is based on the Tegra Note 7.

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