Intel's dilemma dissected

Jack Roberston at EBNews has written up an interesting summation and analysis of Intel's place in the desktop processor world right now. (Thank to Steven C. Den Beste for the heads up.) They seem to have boxed themselves into tough positions on a number of fronts, from memory to the P4's changing socket config to the new Pentium III. They could pull it all together and get things really right, but that doesn't seem likely to happen until 2002.

Honestly, looking at what the company is doing right now, it seems plain crazy. Then again, I tend to think—as do a lot of the pointy-headed analyst types—that if Intel does follow its plan and get things right by next spring, AMD could be in a world of hurt. In the meantime, though, it's an Athlon/DDR world—so long as there are enough decent Socket A motherboards out there.

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