Poll: What's your favorite system for gaming in the living room?

Desktop PCs are great for gaming. However, some of us would rather play in the living room, where we can sink into a couch, prop up our feet, and watch the action go down on a big-screen television. Modern gaming PCs work pretty well from the couch, too, but they're far from the only option in the living room. Consoles also compete in that space, and mobile devices like tablets have become formidable gaming platforms in their own right.

Most folks probably have at least a couple of gaming machines that work on the couch. We're curious about which one is your favorite. Do you prefer living-room gaming on a PC, one of the various consoles, or a mobile device? You can cast your vote below or in the middle column on the front page.

In our last poll, we asked about your most anticipated new technology releases. AMD's Radeon R9 290X took the lion's share of the vote with 39%, followed by SteamOS and associated machines with 23%. Bay Trail tablets, Haswell ultrabooks, Windows 8.1, the fifth-gen iPad, and the Surface and Surface Pro 2 all garnered single-digit percentages.

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