Report: Winamp could be saved by Radionomy deal

Just before Christmas, we learned that Winamp might get a second wind. Now, TechCruch is reporting that the media player software and associated Shoudcast services will be sold to online radio company Radionomy. Some of Winamp's servers have already been transferred to Radionomy, according to the site, and the deal is expected to be finalized by Friday.

There's no word on what Radionomy might do with Winamp. However, it looks like the firm is primarily interested in Shoutcast, which is a proprietary streaming platform developed by the folks behind the media player. Radionomy bills itself as "one of the largest online radio networks in the world," with over 6,000 streaming stations to its name. Shoutcast has 50,000 Shoutcast stations right now, plus an established platform with dedicated client software for everything from PCs to mobile devices to select consoles.

Radionomy already has apps for Windows, Android, and iOS. The company's existing stations can be streamed via its website, too, so it's hard to see how the Winamp client fits into the picture. There are certainly plenty of people who would like to see the music player stick around, though. The petition calling for Winamp to be saved has registered almost 48,000 supporters since November.

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