SteelSeries's Sensei gaming mouse goes wireless

The CES convention floor doesn't open until Tuesday, but the show has effectively begun, and new product announcements are already rolling in. One of the first comes from SteelSeries, which has developed a wireless version of its Sensei gaming mouse.

The Sensei Wireless retains the ambidextrous design of its wired sibling. There are thumb buttons on both sides, making the mouse ideal for switch hitting. Under the rubberized shell, the laser sensor has been upgraded to an 8200-DPI unit. The switches are new, too. They're actually of SteelSeries' own design, and they're said to be good for 30 million clicks.

SteelSeries didn't provide us with specifics on the wireless technology behind the Sensei, but the company claims the connection has a response time of just one millisecond. Lag shouldn't be an issue.

Charging is provided by an included base station. SteelSeries promises 20 hours of run time on a single charge, which should be sufficient for marathon sessions. If the battery runs dry, users have the option of connecting the mouse with a wired USB cable.

Naturally, the Sensei has all the accoutrements of a modern gaming mouse. It features on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment, onboard profile storage, and pulsing LEDs. The glow can be configured to match pretty much any hue, and if the software is anything like what comes with the wired Sensei, the light show can be subdued or turned off completely. Phew.

Wireless mice have never really appealed to me, at least on desktop systems. However, I've been using the wired Sensei Raw as my left-handed mouse for a couple of months now, and I've grown quite fond of it. The wireless version looks like a nice addition to the family.

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