1. The Register talks to MS security chief about raw sockets (thanks Kevin Sweeney)
  2. U.S. government to expedite Microsoft case (thanks rand)
  3. Microsoft to offer online music service (thanks rand)
  4. NIST's new atomic clock (thanks rand)
  5. SystemLogic reviews Symantec Norton Ghost 2001
  6. Futurelooks reviews Sputnik 7
  7. Japanese ad for Microsoft Xbox (thanks ---k)

  1. AMD derides Intel's 'monopolistic practices' (thanks ---k and rand)
  2. Rambus slashes royalty rate for SDRAM customer (thanks boycottrambus and Steven C. Den Beste)
  3. Electic Tech covers Applied Materials' announcement
  4. The Inquirer on the future of Intel's Itanic and Pentium III processors (thanks rand)
  5. SocketA reviews Sono VK 2208
  6. Inside-Hardware reviews DFI AK76-SN
Graphics and cooling

  1. Electic Tech has DirectX 8.1 beta build 648
  2. Accelenation and HotHardware reviews Hercules 3D Prophet 4500
  3. Digit Life reviews Abit Siluro T400
  4. 3DSpotlight reviews CPUfx water cooling system
  5. Pro Cooling's ThermalRight SK6 and Cool Innovations pin coolers shootout
  6. Overclockedcafe reviews Cyber Cooler P-10000

  1. GideonTech reviews Compex DS1216 10/100 16 port desktop switch
  2. AtlantaOC reviews FrontX CPX (computer port xtension)
  3. The Tech Zone reviews Ace 112C media port
  4. PCstats reviews Innogear MiniJam MP3 Springboard module
  5. Hardware Extreme reviews Mouse Bungee
  6. Rojak Pot reviews Everglide Mouse Skatez
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