Friday night topic: Via horror stories

For tonight, I'd like to hear your Via horror stories. I'm not looking to turn this into a Via-bashing session, but Scott and I have both had our share of pain recently thanks to the Big V, and more than anything I'm curious to see how common our experiences are.

I'm looking to keep this informative and civil, so there are some ground rules. First, I want to hear about the problems, not your opinion on them. If you system only boots one time out of ten, that makes enough of a statement about Via that calling them a bunch of names isn't necessary.

Second, since I'm not going to look kindly upon liberal complaints sprinkled into trouble descriptions, it goes without saying that vulgar or obnoxious posts consisting of nothing except "Via sucks @$$!!!" are going to get killed quicker than a minor criminal in China. Play nice.

I'll start off with my own recent experiences, which are on a KT7A-RAID motherboard. The most annoying problem is that if the system has been on for any length of time, it seems to have some sort of overheating issue that prevents it from rebooting properly. The system has no overheating problems during normal operation; the problem only manifests itself on a reboot, warm or cold.

Once the problem shows up, it can only be cured by shutting the system down and leaving it off for several minutes. BIOS flashes must be done on a cold (and I mean, let it cool off for ten minutes cold) boot and you'd better work quickly, or the write will fail.

I've also experienced some sound issues whenever the Highpoint controller is enabled, but it's possible those should be blamed on Highpoint or Abit, so I'm not going to go into them. I mention them only because I'd be interested to hear from anyone with similar problems.

Who's next?

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