$699 asking price attached to Dell's affordable 4K monitor

Remember that 28" 4K monitor Dell teased in December? The company promised to deliver "the most affordable Ultra HD monitor in the industry," and it's now revealed the display's price: only $699. True to Dell's word, that sticker price is less than those of other 4K monitors announced at CES this week. Comparable offerings from Asus and Lenovo are priced at $799, while Philips' entry is set to sell for $1200.

Unfortunately, Dell remains tight-lipped on specifications. The company's price announcement blog post claims the 28 Ultra HD "offers the same remarkable Ultra HD screen performance" as pricier UltraSharp models. Those displays have IGZO and IPS panels that cover 99% of the Adobe RGB gamut, however, and they also cost two to four times more than the incoming 28-incher. That makes me think "Ultra HD screen performance" simply refers to the 3840x2160 display resolution. All the cheaper 4K displays announced thus far seem to use TN panels with more limited color reproduction, and I expect the Dell 28 Ultra HD employs similar technology.

Dell's blog post does drop a couple of other details about the monitor. It mentions support for smartphone and tablet input, suggesting the presence of an MHL connector. Also, the post says the screen can pivot to a portrait orientation. The stand seems to have height and tilt adjustment options, as well, but no swivel functionality.

We should learn more about the 28 Ultra HD later this month. The display is slated to start selling on January 23, less than two weeks from now. Let's hope it kicks off a price war.

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